the inspiration

the inspiration

What is pie pie metals?
Spencer (Pie Pie)Before I began studying metalsmithing I was fortunate to spend a lot of alone time on the beach and in the woods collecting treasures with my three Airedales. Looking back I realized it was a symbiotic existence with these wonderful creatures. They’d get to be in their element out in nature and in turn helped me recreate my connection with my favorite memories growing up.

People would tease me about all the extra names I created for all three Airedales along the way. Some would ask did I really believe they understood all of the variations of their names. I thought so because they always, well almost always, came when called.

I named my last sweet girl Spencer, in honor of Princess Diana, as she was born around the time Diana died. Her name grew into Spencer Pencer Pie and then at times was shortened to PiePie.

Those walks on the beach and in the woods inspired my work then … and continue to do so today.

Deborah Hutchinson


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